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The Anti-Drug SKUAD System is a web application system to manage AADK's anti-drug volunteer management. The system has been redeveloped using the latest version of Laravel framework in year 2020. The system is actively used for the purpose of management of the AADK Anti-Drug SKUAD. The system has the complete process of managing the Anti-Drug SKUAD as follows:


1. Application to become a member of the Anti-Drug SKUAD

2. Approval of application by Anti-Drug Volunteer administrator

3. Management of Anti-Drug SKUAD members including a complete profile

4. Management of all Anti-Drug SKUAD activities

5. System technical management by the system administrator


While the process involved for the Anti-Drug SKUAD Mobile Application is as follows:

1. Login SKUAD Antidadah members

2. Display profile of Anti-Drug SKUAD members

3. Display of activities around the Anti-Drug SKUAD

4. Display of activities of all Anti-Drug SKUAD

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